Terms and Conditions


There will be 33 guaranteed sessions spread over the year comprising a minimum of 30 lessons plus 3 other sessions which could be: more lessons, exam accompaniment, ensembles, or rehearsal and concert.

Lessons will be spread out as evenly as possible over the year but will depend on the number of weeks in each term. Dates and times will be scheduled and notified at the beginning of each term. Lessons will usually take place during the school day.

Requests for particular lesson times will be considered but cannot be guaranteed as timetabling can get very complicated! I will do my best to accommodate such requests.

Occasionally it may be necessary for the lesson time / day to be changed (to allow for exams for example). The pupil will be notified of this in advance via their record book.

Payment and Fees (Academic Year 2019-20)

20 minute individual lessons, £129.25 per term
30 minute individual lessons, £192.50 per term
30 minute shared lessons, £96.25 per term

Invoices will be sent out at the beginning of September, detailing payment dates and amounts for the year. Payment is required each term in advance, either by direct transfer or by cheque. If an invoice remains unpaid by the end of the second week of the current term, I shall have the right to cease tuition until payment is made.


I have some instruments available to hire for £28 per term which are reserved initially for beginners. It is also possible to hire an instrument through Cambridgeshire Music (currently) £7 per month or on a hire purchase agreement through various music shops.


Each week brief comments about the lesson will be made in a lesson record book which will be provided. Additionally, each pupil will receive a written report at the end of each academic year.

Lesson cancellation by me

Occasionally I may need to cancel a lesson. Where possible you will be informed in advance by email. If this isn't possible, then a notice will be put up on the music department notice board or on the lesson room door. The lesson will either be re-scheduled for a later date or credited to the next invoice.

Lesson attendance by pupil

It is the pupil's responsibility to get themselves to their lesson. I will not usually be in a position to go and look for pupils, particularly in the case of a group lesson, as another pupil would be missing out. Pupils need to be on time for their lesson - I cannot extend the lesson time to make up for late arrival. Pupils need to bring their instrument, music and lesson record book to each lesson.

Termination of lessons

If you wish to stop lessons altogether or reduce the length of the lesson, then I must be informed in writing (email is fine) by the end of the previous half term break. When less notice is given I will expect pupils to continue until the next half term.

If I am unable to continue with lessons then I will give you the same notice.

Non-attendance / cancellation by pupil

If a pupil fails to come for their lesson and I have not been notified of their absence, then the full lesson fee will be payable as per the termly invoice.
If I am notified at least 24 hours before the lesson time that a pupil is unable to attend, then the full lesson fee will still be payable but I will try to re-schedule the lesson. Re-scheduling the lesson cannot be guaranteed however.
If I am notified less than 24 hours before, then the full lesson fee will be payable.


Communications by email and telephone will be with the parent / carer only. Please do not pass on my contact details to the pupil – child protection laws mean I cannot communicate directly with pupils in this way.

All queries regarding lesson times / dates / payments etc should be via email enquiries@sheannaashman.co.uk

If you feel it is necessary to speak with me in person then you may contact me on 01223 860446. You may need to leave a message and I will call you back.

Exams and performances

Participation in exams and/or performances is not obligatory although encouraged.

When a pupil is ready and wishes to take a grade exam, the parent / carer will be notified by letter of the details. Piano accompaniment for the exam will usually be provided for lower grades and will be counted as a “session”. For higher grades it will be necessary to find a professional accompanist at the candidate’s own cost. It is the responsibility of the pupil to provide the music for piano accompaniment.

There may be occasions when a pupil will be invited to participate in a performance. This may be at school or at an event out of school. Full details will be sent out separately to the parent / carer.

Music and accessories

You will be responsible for purchasing music and accessories (such as reeds where appropriate). A lesson record book will be provided.

Special Educational Needs / disabilities / medical conditions

Please inform me of any of the above when registering for lessons. Any information given will be treated in the strictest confidence.